Final Informative Speech

by kashetah

Kashetah Bedford

Public Speaking

Informative Speech Outline

Underage Drinking

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the underlying issues of underage drinking.

Central Idea: After hearing this speech the audience will walk away knowing that there are many reasons why children choose to drink alcohol, and why we as a community can combat the problem.

[Slide 1] Introduction

1. Question for the Audience:

How many of your remember your first sip of alcohol?

2.  International statistics

Per the World Health Organization the average drinking age is 18 and in the United States it is 21.  The enforcement of drinking age varies between countries and even within the country. Here is a great example.

[Slide 2] U.S. Map

Why is there such a disparity between the communities of the world with regard to the drinking age? And why is underage drinking considered a problem in the United States?

3.  Why is alcohol considered a problem in the United States?  Let’s take a look at the Colonial period where American’s drank 3 to 4 time as much alcohol compare to now.

Harvard University even had its own brewery.

Puritan leaders view of drunkenness.

Excessive drinking viewed as a lack of will or mental illness.

4.  The 1920s and Prohibition

[Slide 3] Bar Chart


Perental responsibility

5.  In 2013, an American blogger published her an article titled, “Can You Guess Where in the World People Are Binge Drinking The Most?”

6.  Conclusion

Primary Sources:

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