Persuasive Speech

by kashetah

March 22, 2014

Kashetah Bedford

Public Speaking

Persuasive Speech Outline

Topic:    Mysteries of the Bible

General Purpose:     To Persuade

Specific Purpose:    To inform my audience about the mystery surrounding certain stories of the Bible.


  1. Attention Getter: While watching Ancient Alien’s on the History Channel, the topic for this particular evening was the prophet Ezekiel and his detailed description of what he saw in chapter 1.
  2. Reason to Listen:  In the book Chariots of the Gods, it’s author, a devoted Catholic questioned felt Ezekiel’s account of what he saw was too much outrageous to be heavenly. This was proven by a NASA engineer.

The Book

  1. How did Blumrich learn about it
  2. Chapter 4

Transition:  Chariot’s of the Gods was the talk of the town.

  1. Blumrich’s interpretation of the book
  2. Initial reaction
  3. Follow up
  4. What does the Bible say?

Conclusion: Blumrich develops a model of the craft based on the verses on Ezekiel. Picture is shown


Chariot’s of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. 1970, Erich von Daniken Translated by Michael Heron

“The Evidence.” Ancient Aliens. History Channel. 2010