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Month: February, 2014

Salsa Demo – Assignment #2

Kashetah Bedford

Professor Shiebler

Public Speaking

14 February 2014

Salsa Roja Demonstration

General Purpose:  Demonstration

Specific Purpose:  To demonstration how to prepare Salsa Roja.

Central Idea:  Present a brief introduction.  To show how easy it is to prepare salsa at home.


  1. The first step is to gather all of your ingredients.
    1. Only a few ingredients are required to prepare this recipe.
    2. 3 cloves of garlic.
    3. Cleaned cilantro leaves.
    4. One-fourth of a white onion.
    5. 30 dried Japanese chili pods
    6. 4 or 5 medium sized fresh tomatoes
  1. Prepare tomatoes.
    1. Core the middle and score the top and bottom of each tomato
    2. Place tomato and peppers in medium saucepan.
    3. Cover with water.
    4. Boil until you see the skin loosen from tomato flash.
  1. Prepare to Blend.
    1. Remove the skin from each tomato and place in blender.
    2. Add cooked peppers to blender.
    3. Add garlic, cilantro, and onion to blender.
    4. Add 3 pinches of salt to blender.
    5. Turn on machine and blending to your desired consistency.
    6. Use the back of a spoon to check thickness.
  1. Time to serve.
    1. Pour prepared salsa into a bowl.
    2. Serve with your favor chip or favorite dish.


  1.  Taste the dish and provide positive feedback for the view.
  2. Closing Statement.


Guterriez-Uribe, Natividad.  Personal interview.  31 Jul. 2009.

De La Garza, Martha.  “Salsa Roja.” Recipe. Personal collection.   25 May 2010.



Self Introduction Speech Outline

Date: February 1, 2014


Name: Kashetah Bedford                        Topic:  Self-Introduction

Specific Purpose:  Initial class introduction utilizing an object that best describes me.

Central Idea:  The purpose of this short speech is to introduce myself to the class and present an object that best relates to my personality.


This speech will provide the listener with information about my personal life and the life of my immediate family.  In addition, I will speak briefly about my life prior to enlisting in the U.S. Navy.


Topic sentence I:  Hello Everyone!  My name is Kashetah Bedford.  This is my first public speaking class and I am very excited to share this experience with you all.

A. Our first assignment.

1. My favorite Starbucks cup.

2.  It is fun and convenience and that’s what I am about.

Topic sentence II:  So about me.  I enlisted in to the Navy 16 years ago.

A. My hometown.

1. In the Navy for 16 years.

2. Why did I enlist in the Navy

Topic Sentence III:  Life in a small town is exact what you assume it would be… slow, inconvenient, uneventful.

A.  Inconveniences and desire.

1. Nearest shopping mall was an hour drive away.

2. Immediate benefit of enlistment

Topic Sentence III:  Currently, my family and i live in San Diego and it such a beautiful city.

A. Why we enjoy the area.

1. Family status.

2. Things we do to relax

Conclusion:  Thank you for viewing my presentation.